What They're Saying

Adam West and his organization provided me with the house I wanted, on the schedule I required, for remarkably close to the cost he had estimated, and that estimate had been all-inclusive --right down to the doorknobs. Because the new house was built across the street from my old residence, I was able to witness every step of the project, meet virtually everyone who worked on it, and walk the site almost every day to see what had been done. I'm not sure that was appreciated by his crew, but it made me very appreciative of them. Adam himself is capable, cooperative, responsible and responsive - a pleasure to work with. But the true secret of his success, I believe, is that each of the people that work for him, his subcontractors as well as his own employees, shares those same characteristics along with skill and pride in his own particular area of craftsmanship. It was like watching a theatrical production. There were no long, anxious pauses, no waiting. Each crew arrived on cue, just as it was needed. Somewhere, someone else may have been waiting for them, but as we used to say when we were kids, "Adam had 'em." My wife, who admits to having been somewhat skeptical of the whole project, and unsettled by leaving her home of 43 years across the street, now has been heard on several occasions saying softly to herself, "I love this place." That's testimony enough for me.


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