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In each profession that I have come in contact with in my life, there are always a tiny few who so clearly stand out that they actually have the effect of defining what we think of when we think of that profession or when we say, oh, he or she is simply the best. In custom building and remodeling, what we think of as being the general contractor, Adam West and his company are simply the best. They are unsurpassed in the key qualities of being true professionals: expertise in the subject matter; attitude, one of the tireless pursuit of excellence; and integrity - beyond question. Did everything go right all the time in the extensive renovation and new building on our house? Of course not. But there was never a question concerning who was going to pay what to get it right. Adam stood behind and in front. It got made right, period and without question. In my mind what separates Adam is his expertise in knowing what needed to be done and doing it; the total honesty in owning up to the times, quite few, where matters needed to be readdressed; and in their calm can-do attitude. They exhibit an absolute and unbending insistence on quality and client service. One could not ask for more.


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