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Working with Adam was an unusual experience...because it was such a good one. We had remodeled a home once before and it was a dreadful ordeal. After having contracted with him, I felt badly for Adam, because we were "on to" contractors and their "hollow promises!" We weren't going to be taken advantage of again! Everyday I thought, "Okay, today's going to be the day I have to get tough!" It never happened. Adam's crew put in a FULL day EVERY day and when they left, everything was neat and clean. If there were any questions about how a problem should be solved, and that rarely happened because Adam's people are so experienced and knowledgeable, Adam was there in hours, not days! Adam's crew was in our home for three full months -- just about the exact amount of time Adam had predicted. To have workers in our home who were so talented, respectful, honest and pleasant, was a pleasure. I never worried about leaving my home totally open to them. I know you're thinking this all sounds too good to be true...but we know it to be so! Rarely does one get a chance to really sing the praises of people who deserve it. Adam is a little more expensive then some...but he delivers and does it in such a way that if we ever do another project, we will wait until Adam is free to do it. So, call me if you want to hear more! Come see the workmanship that can be in your home. And, finally, we knew that Adam worked on several projects at the same time, but I bet each one of us thought that we were his only one...when do you EVER hear this about a contractor?

John & Alex

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